The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) hype has made its way to the Caribbean

Black and White Barbados series which is focused on reemphasizing the colonial history of an island that is now seen as a colorful tourist hotspot destination. The fantasy-like overly colorful depiction erases the dark history that still influences the people of Barbados and that is what I wanted to capture in these paintings. I intentionally […]

It’s a new style that I will be expanding into different colors and larger series. 

This series focuses on the beauty and creativity of blackness and black culture. I made it completely from free thought no planning beforehand but the colors. The woman in the center is me symbolizing my newfound devotion to my craft and recognition of the beauty of being black. 

These four paintings below are portraits of women of color that I have created because I believe that it’s important to uplift women in the fine arts world. Historically, women of color have not been abundantly represented. This focus on black bodies and our stories has been important work to me as people of color […]

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