NFT Caribbean Art Mints Lucky Richard Hennessy

Written by on March 15, 2021

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) hype has made its way to the Caribbean where innovative creatives like Barbados’ Haleek Maul took the initiative to invest in Ethereum and successfully Mint & Sell one of his records for a record breaking 1.5ETH in just under 24 hours, posting for the first time.

This initial success captivated our own Philip King who immediately submerged himself in the subject of NFTs, hoping to identify a new way to use the technology that was being overlooked. The final result of this curiosity can be seen today in where Mr. King has begun compiling Digital Art, Music & Collectibles for sale via the OpenSea NFT marketplace platform.

NFTCaribbean’s most prized piece currently happens to be a collectible titled:

“Lucky Hennessy Richard”

This piece was acquired by Philip in December 2020 through a raffle draw at the popular Barbadian / Canadian Bar & Restaurant 6mix.

As he tells it, Mr. King left home on the night of the draw solely with the intention of collecting HIS bottle from the raffle, despite having allegedly only entered once prior to the night.

Following a series of fortunate events that some still consider a conspiracy, Mr. King’s name was drawn from a bowl containing hundreds of entrants, as he stood inches away waiting, confident in his luck.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace Listed (Bottle Valued $4,500USD)

NFTCaribbean also features the work of Shain “Rudy Vuitton” Clarke, one of the masterminds behind the islands’ most successful, ongoing art event, 6PM Splash.

Shain allowed the piece “Mojos Dome” from his Necessary Evil series to be featured and auctioned as an NFT and intends to put the returns towards the betterment of the creative community within Barbados.

Not to mention the Gallery’s first minted NFT, “Views from 6 Roads” Digital Artwork meme, created by the BimVibes team originally in 2016 where it first went viral on twitter, then featured again on instagram in commemoration of Drake’s visit to Barbados and his subsequent following and engagements with the brand.

NFT Caribbean welcomes all persons interested in exploring the crypto space to submit art via their website or reach out over social media. Link

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