Drake, Popcaan & OVO Team Enjoy The Barbados Vibes

Written by on July 27, 2020

“If You’re Reading This We Left”

The OVO Crew just concluded their one week vacation in Barbados, during which time they managed to bring a new wave of energy to the local creative industry and revived the usual festive atmosphere Barbados’ Crop Over Festival is so well known for!

Creator of the Secretly Insightful Talk show was the first to introduce the superstar to Barbadian culture, encountering him on Drake’s visit to Copacabana. Our drafting of Drake to team #BimVibes was then made official with the aforementioned post captioned “Sheeezusss Chrrryssss” derived from the local bajan slang phrase “Cheesus Christ”

Prior to this post however Drake had already adopted some element of the culture as he gave Barbados’ #1 Fast Food Restaurant a global shoutout just one day prior, CHEFETTE!

Rumors suggest that a meme one of BimVibes team members had created following Drakes “Views” Album release in 2016 had reached the OVO team as it found rekindled virality shortly after his arrival.

Original Views Album Cover

Regardless, the following morning the team was ecstatic to discover we’d gained recognition and a tag on his official IG page, resulting in a surge of traffic checking out Barbadian Talent & Content, many for their first time! Additionally, the follow allowed us to be one of the 2,280 persons able to comment and be viewed by over 69 Million Followers.

We Swiftly Took Advantage of Being Able To Comment in Bajan

As if that wasn’t enough, Barbadians were in for another surprise! Bajan Twitter was first to break the news of another World Renowned star arriving in Barbados:

The UNRULY BOSS had arrived for his Birthday Weekend in Barbados and was seen onboard what appeared to be the Alaya House Private Yacht, exclusively available to persons who book the Super Luxury Villa with rates ranging between $20,000-$50,000USD Per Night.

Previously booked by Justin Bieber who was said to spend approximately $250,000USD/week during his stay.


Locals fought for access to his exclusive Copacabana ‘Summer Solis’ Party organized by International Artist & Entrepreneur Rorrey Fenty.

Following an exciting night of Premium Drinks & Live DJs such as DJ Puffy, Hutchy & Sizz & the OVO team DJs the celebrities kept the party going with a private party featuring Twitter Knighted national Hero, DJ Surf Rat

“Educating Drake on Local Delicacies”

And Bajans had one final laugh the following morning when Drake responded to a pop quiz on Surf Rat’s late night class.



And with that we’re proud to announce the latest Barbadian Citizen, we look forward to your return in the near future Mr. Brathwaite

Air Drake leaves Barbados

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