Customized Mobile video Game Bus. Fully Air conditioned, holds 24 players simultaneously. Hundreds of Games for PS4 PS3 X-Box 360, X-Box 1 Wii & Wii-U The Game Matrix mobile coach is designed for MAXIMUM LUXURY, and MAXIMUM FUN. There are...
Looking for an authentic Barbadian Living Experience? Neil’s Villa is situated on a Lush, Serene Plantation landscape where over 20 varieties of local Fruit & Vegetables await you! Lounge around in the Garden Hot Tub or go for an early...
February 18, 2019
Harrison’s Cave is a massive underground cave stream system located in the central uplands of Barbados. Its large caverns and phenomenal crystallized formations make this world class attraction, a must see when on vacation. Choose from three distinct exploration options...
February 17, 2019
Adventure Safari: 5 1/2 hrs Available: Daily, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm Be prepared for a fun day of adventure aboard our custom Zebra-striped vehicles. Experienced guides will educate you on the Barbadian way of life; explore and discover the...
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