RawSoul Podcast w/ Bare Kents EP#4- Podcast Season, IBTBI, How We Get Hay & The Message in the Music

BimVibes June 12, 2020

Our fourth episode dives into starts off by introducing a number of new Podcasts currently featured on the BimVibes website, specifically IBTBI x Christian Yearwood & the new How We Get Hay Podcast w/ Sabeeha & Tameika. Sachin introduced “The message in the music” segment where we discuss controversial songs from the past which addressed issues which remain relevant today & two surprise guests from Barbados’ blossoming Music Industry provide insights into their works and what is to come.

Seth Pierce Music Engineer & Producer
Shaayz – Creative Artist & Producer
Christian Yearwood – IBTBI Podcast
Sabeeha & Tameika – How We Get Hay
Sachin – Message behind the music
Monet Sun – Sun Media Managment
Haleek Maul – Surprise Guest


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