Tori Alleyne / Model

Tori Alleyne is a visionary who is currently working towards her dreams of owning a Wellness Centre. With a background in Social Work and a passion for teaching Yoga, she is ready to take the world by storm.

It was through the completion of an internship (Intern Guidance Counsellor) that Tori acknowledged a desire for a change in the approach commonly taken when working with persons. She then merged her love for yoga, with the knowledge and techniques gained from Social Work and was rewarded with fulfilling results.

Also as a Mental Health advocate, she is strongly aware of the depth of her work. She is viewed as the light in the tunnel for her peers and those she comes into contact with.

New to modeling, Tori plans to use her platform to bring awareness to holistic living, through focusing on a healthy mind, body and soul. She is seeking to share her journey and is keen on working with others towards her ultimate goal of attaining inner happiness and peace.

Current track