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Socials: Quan De Artist –

Song written & performed by Artist: Benny Cartier…​ Siversthathird…​ Produced by Shaayz​ Directed by Kiel King​​

Socials: Faith –

Written By CHiiEF Diin Recorded & Mixed By Topform Records Mastered By Zone 6 Records Produced By Zone 6 Socials: CHiiEF Diin – Topform Records – Zone 6 Records –

Shot and edited by Innovative Media Socials: Jus D – Innovative Media –

Performed By RSG Galang Produced By Starpoint Productions Shot & Edited By JLeash Ent. RSG Galang – Starpoint Productions – JLeash Ent. –

Prod. By @ohhleejo  Shot by @alxdrjames and @theartlapse Edited By @theartlapse 

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