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It’s a new style that I will be expanding into different colors and larger series. 

This series focuses on the beauty and creativity of blackness and black culture. I made it completely from free thought no planning beforehand but the colors. The woman in the center is me symbolizing my newfound devotion to my craft and recognition of the beauty of being black. 

These four paintings below are portraits of women of color that I have created because I believe that it’s important to uplift women in the fine arts world. Historically, women of color have not been abundantly represented. This focus on black bodies and our stories has been important work to me as people of color […]

The OVO Crew just concluded their one week vacation in Barbados, during which time they managed to bring a new wave of energy to the local creative industry and revived the usual festive atmosphere Barbados’ Crop Over Festival is so well known for! Creator of the Secretly Insightful Talk show was the first to introduce […]

As Barbadians looked for a new outlet, following the Covid-19 Pandemic’s disruption of traditional Crop Over activities, one group of locals have taken the initiative to remain mindful of the new normal while offering patrons a day of new exciting experiences. Twitter Influencer, Amanda Parris originally expressed her interest in having her friends join her […]

  As a creative, I’ve always held the core belief that you must create the life you want to live. It is this core belief that has naturally led to my practice of manifestation and allowed me to achieve far beyond my goals. I want you to know, you can also create a life filled […]

If there is one thing that I have learned about many Barbadians over the years, is that their risk appetite to accumulate wealth is very limited. We live in a predominantly risk averse society, this means that many working professionals at any level of business have one major trait in common. Before I delve into […]

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The practice of celebrating Carnival in the Caribbean has been deeply rooted in our African Heritage for centuries, It’s celebration is/was symbolic of our rejection of colonial oppression and expressed our dissatisfaction and mockery of the European’s own festivities. Some sources go onto state.. Historians say they believe the first “modern” Caribbean Carnival originated in Trinidad […]

By: Kemar A. Roberts, Attorney-at-law   Introduction This article will examine the Regulatory Sandbox policy that has been implemented in Barbados and contrast its establishment and subsequent treatment of digital currencies, and other FinTech operations with international attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency phenomenon. In so doing, it is posited that regulators within Barbados are attempting […]

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