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Tevin Carter is a creative genius with over more than 9+ years in experience and provides his clients with more than graphic design.

Akeeba is a freelance Fashion & Swimwear Model. Akeeba has recently christened the modeling scene; only having done a few portfolios with local carnival bands, photographers and content creators. When she isn’t working on her pose’, she’s working on herself by eating right, exercising and strengthening her mind with her studies. She is an educator […]

Diandra C is an emotive creative.

Samantha Gittens Fashion Model

Tori Alleyne is a visionary who is currently working towards her dreams of owning a Wellness Centre. With a background in Social Work and a passion for teaching Yoga, she is ready to take the world by storm. It was through the completion of an internship (Intern Guidance Counsellor) that Tori acknowledged a desire for […]

Tammy-Rose Evelyn is a full-time marketing professional and a freelance content creator, digital marketer and public relations specialist. Though she is not a model and is very camera shy, she enjoys taking pictures (We don’t get it either) and being involved in creative projects of any kind! Tammy has recently commenced her own creative project […]


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Yasmeen Maria is a freelance Fashion & Swimwear Model and Digital Marketer, with a passion for business and aesthetics.

Junior Sealy Stylist & Creative Director

Russell Banfield-Vizcarrondo Content Creator/Photographer

Donald Leacock Host & Commentator

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